Aesthetica: Evocative Objects


A visual display of pattern: BRUSHED SHAPED CAPTURED


Opening Reception: November 9th, 5-8pm.

Art Lab Fort Collins, 239 Linden Street
, Fort Collins, CO 80524


Three artists in three mediums - Paint, Ceramic and Photo - display a quantitative conversation on the value of pattern in art. Artists Athena Hahn, Shana Salaff and Scott Angus graduated from the MFA Program at California State University, Fullerton. Tri-geographical, iconic and tactile, this show runs November 9-20th. Open Hours: Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, 12-5. Other hours available by appointment.


Athena Hahn hails from California and is a painter. Her large-scale work The Periodic Table represents everything we think we know at a certain level. This is contrasted with Chick, which reminds us of the uncertainty of daily life that exists in apparent opposition to the type of scientific reason presented in Periodic Table. Both present a different type of patterned behavior and different ways of seeking answers to one of life’s pressing concerns: which came first?


Shana Salaff lives in Colorado and is a ceramic artist. Of her work, she writes: “I see the items that I make as being useful “jewels” - shiny, small in stature, and made with as much care as possible. Decoration versus content, beauty versus pragmatism; these are the dialectics that inform my work. I use pattern as a language to communicate a mood, a feeling, an energy, that permeates the bodies of the users of my functional vessels.”


Scott Angus resides in Missouri and is a photographer. His work in Aesthetica is a series of small images that investigate the processes of being human.  These images shot all over the world hold one thing in common - they are quirky and simple. They remind us that we need to pause and not get so hectic, complicated and insane. Together, they form a visual pattern of interconnected moments.


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